At Fluidic, we believe in quality and comfort in every pair of trousers we offer. With a focus on affordability and style, we strive to bring you the best in fashion and functionality. Our extensive collection features a range of materials and designs to choose from, ensuring that every customer can find their perfect pair of trousers. Trust us to elevate your wardrobe with our commitment to excellence.



Introducing Fluidic, an innovative B2B platform aimed at maximizing your business efficiency. Fluidic.in is recognized as a reliable and trustworthy vendor, sourced directly from Asia’s leading wholesale garment market. Enjoy unbeatable prices and support for medium and small wholesalers across India with a yearly supply of 500,000 garments. Browse and choose from a wide selection of cotton and formal trousers in a variety of colors, easily accessible with just one click. Take your business to the next level with Fluidic.



At Fluidic, we understand the importance of quality and affordability for our international customers. As a men bottom manufacturing company, we are committed to providing a seamless buying experience, with a wide range of products to choose from. Our extensive selection includes a variety of cotton and formal trousers, available in an array of colors to meet your every need. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide the best in both product and service. Choose Fluidic for your apparels needs and elevate your business today.


Jacquard trousers are elegant and stylish garments featuring intricate woven patterns, adding sophistication to any outfit.


Satin trousers are luxurious and smooth, characterized by their glossy surface and elegant drape. Perfect for formal occasions, they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, offering a comfortable and chic option for those seeking a polished look.


Linen cotton trousers combine the lightweight, breathable qualities of linen with the softness and durability of cotton. These trousers are perfect for warm weather, offering a comfortable and stylish option for casual or semi-formal occasions.


Knit trousers are made from stretchy, comfortable knit fabric, providing a relaxed fit and ease of movement. They are ideal for casual settings, offering a versatile and cozy option that can be dressed up or down with ease.


Double cloth trousers feature two layers of fabric woven together, creating a thicker and more structured material. This construction enhances warmth and durability, making them suitable for cooler weather while maintaining a polished and refined look.


Hydensity trousers are crafted from a high-density fabric, resulting in a durable and robust garment. This material offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, making them suitable for various outdoor activities and providing a functional and stylish option for everyday wear.



Our company specializes in men’s bottoms, offering a range of products including formal pants, shorts, and jeans.

Using only the finest cotton fabrics, our production process starts with sourcing high-quality materials from trusted suppliers.

Our expertise encompasses weaving, processing, and creating different styles of fabrics from various yarns and fibers, and converting them into high-fashion luxury apparels. This process involves a thorough selection and analysis of the features of fibers and their end product.



Fluidic is dedicated to delivering quality products that are both functional and cost-effective. Our mission is to use innovative technology and research to create fashion styles that match the individuality of our customers while also being environmentally friendly. We strive to maintain a balance between style and sustainability, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality.

Years of expertise make FLUIDIC a premium apparel manufacturer. Known for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, we serve wholesalers and retailers, delivering a fashion statement and not just garments.

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